» It is my wish that my paintings contribute

to us interacting with each other

in a more humane way.  «   Otmar Alt


Otmar Alt, born in 1940 in Werningerode, studied at Berlin University of the Arts from 1960 to 1966 and was a master-class student of Professor Hermann Bachmann. He is one of the most significant contemporary artists in Germany.

Along with Horst Antes and HAP Grieshaber he is a representative of the „New Figuration“ in Germany who focused again on the figure as the centre of the picture.

 Otmar Alt has his very own, unmistakable artistic language, which consists of formal elements and the colours so typical to his work. He is curious and always searching for new objects and new works. He paints and crafts sculptures from glass, wood, steel, ceramics and plastic, he designs objects and shapes items for daily use, illustrates books, creates stage settings and much else.


The foundation grounds in Hamm/Westphalia (borough of Norddinker) comprise 10.000 square metres and with its its buildings and sculpture park offers a fantastic backdrop for varying events.
The foundations two goals are the promotion of young, talented artists through scholarships as well as the preservation of Otmar Alt’s life’s work for society.

Circle of Friends

The foundation’s Circle of Friends (Freundeskreis) with its approximately 500 members from all over Germany connects through their mutual enthusiasm for Otmar Alt’s art. At the same time they share the artist’s socio-political concerns and support his commitment.


Otmar Alt is known as a magician of colours and forms. His pictures are painted, powerful tales, just like life itself: multi-layered, many faceted and also sometimes mysterious.


Otmar Alt, as an artist, lives a complex, exciting and sometimes contradictory life. He works with devotion, much diligence and is immensely creative. While traveling to events often he constantly meets interested people who supply him with new inspiration in turn. His great curiosity is an important driving force. You can find the newest information on Otmar Alt’s body of work here.